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Light Duty Parts

ABS Sensors, Brake Wear Sensors, Vehicle Speed Sensors



PEX German O.E. Parts has parts available for market coverage of about 91% with our ABS Sensor program, covering model years 1985 to present.

From our humble beginning to our current ambition, we embarked on creating a program that was both relevant and obtainable. We started with what we knew, and we built from there. After several years of hard work, we are proud to offer a program which spans 1000 applicable references for the North American market. We stock a wide variety of sensors with coverage available for Asian, European, and Domestic applications. 


You can rest assured that the PEX reputation for precision and adherence to the strictest OEM standards extends to our ABS Sensor program. We pride ourselves to meet or exceed OEM requirements.



PEX German O.E. Parts has market coverage of 99.8% with our Brake Wear Sensor program, second to none in the Aftermarket, covering models from the 70’s to present. We have the widest program of brake wear sensors; for both passenger and commercial vehicles.

The PEX reputation for precision and adherence to the most strict OEM standards extends to our Aftermarket program for our Brake Wear Sensors. Designed to meet the same form, fit, and function as the original OEM part. We pride ourselves in meeting or exceeding OEM requirements, and we have the widest program of brake wear sensors for both passenger and commercial vehicles.





Our VSS program is yet another step towards our ongoing focus of engine management. The program will initially consist of 100 plus references for Asian, Domestic, and European applications. From there, we plan to build a complete, yet relevant program of VSS’s that will provide our customers with a single source for all their VSS needs.  



Utilizing our German ingenuity and commitment to quality, we are proud to introduce our CAM & Crankshaft sensor program as a continuance of our ongoing focus towards engine management. For Asian, Domestic, and European applications. That will provide our customers with a single source for all their engine management needs.


With over 15+ years of experience in the Automotive Aftermarket business, our long-term relationships and extensive industry knowledge form the cornerstone of our capability to serve you


Our deep-rooted connections within the industry have been nurtured over the years, allowing us to source high-quality parts from trusted suppliers. These relationships are built on trust and reliability, ensuring that you receive only the best in terms of product quality and availability.

Furthermore, our years of dedicated experience have provided us with an in-depth understanding of the automotive aftermarket. We've witnessed industry trends evolve, technologies advance, and vehicle models change. This wealth of knowledge positions us as experts in the field.

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