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Light Duty Parts

ABS Sensors, Brake Wear Sensors, Vehicle Speed Sensors



PEX German O.E. Parts has parts available for market coverage of about 71% with our ABS Sensor program, covering model years 1985 to present.


You can rest assured that the PEX reputation for precisions and adherence to the strictest OEM standards extends to our ABS Sensor program. We pride ourselves to meet or exceed OEM requirements.


ABS Sensors monitor wheel speed and send the information to the Engine Control Module (ECM). The computer adjusts the anti-lock braking system to equalize wheel speeds and prevent the brakes from locking up in an emergency, allowing the driver to maintain control of the vehicle. Older configurations of ABS had the sensors located outside the wheel hub. Newer systems are fitted in the wheel hub assembly itself. Depending on the system, vehicles can have only one ABS Sensor or as many as four.


PEX German O.E. Parts has market coverage of 99.8% with our Brake Wear Sensor program, second to none in the Aftermarket, covering models from the 70’s to present. We have the widest program of brake wear sensors; for both passenger and commercial vehicles.

The PEX reputation for precision and adherence to the most strict OEM standards extends to our Aftermarket program for our Brake Wear Sensors. Designed to meet the same form, fit, and function as the original OEM part. We pride ourselves in meeting or exceeding OEM requirements and we have the widest program of brake wear sensors for both passenger and commercial vehicles.


Brake Wear Sensors are designed to fail. When they do, it’s time to replace the brake pads.

The most common type of electronic wear sensors are mounted into the brake pad itself. On some applications the wear sensor is embedded into the pad and not removable; therefore they are only available with the brake pad. When the brake pad wears down to its discard thickness due to contacting the rotor while braking over the course of time, the sensor will make contact to the rotor, thus grounding the sensor. This will cause a brake warning light to illuminate on your dash or instrument cluster, indicating that the brake pad friction material is almost gone and that replacement brake pads are needed.

The mechanical brake pad wear sensors are small metal tabs on the backing plate of a brake pad. They are designed to contact the brake rotor surface and make a squealing or scraping noise when the brake pads have worn down to the point of needing replacement.

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